Lower the Divorce Rate by 50%? How?

I let you know that I am committed to cutting the divorce rate by 50% in ten years. Here’s how:

I plan on cutting the divorce rate by bringing our education on being in a relationship up from negligible to useful coupled with powerful practice. Relationship is the area that affects the quality of our lives most (happiness, love, success in all areas of life, fulfillment, well-being, personal growth, etc.) and we have the least handle on it.

Taking on relationships from full responsibility, powerful agreements and personal transformation can cut the divorce rate with ease. It’s just a matter of creating widespread awareness and getting people into better practice. It happens with all of my clients. This leaves people empowered in their relationships, able to handle issues in a positive way, for each other and for the relationship itself. We begin to serve the relationship over ourselves. The results are better performance and joy at work while becoming more of who we really are plus getting to the core of why were in relationship with people in the first place and enjoying the commitment while moving it forward.

It’s easy, it just takes some adjustment, like anything new. And the education is for everyone, so when people are about to get into a relationship, they already know on a deeper level why they’re getting into it, how it’s likely to go and what they need to do/who they need to be to make it successful for everyone.

I’ve been married for 11 years and with my wife for almost 19. We’ve been through a lot and it’s been our commitment to getting better at being in a relationship and looking at our own responsibility that has us feeling fresh and excited about each other and the future even while knowing each other (the good and bad, or as I like to say, the conscious and yet to be conscious parts of each other) as well as we do.

Bottom line, our relationships will help us let go of everything that’s inauthentic about ourselves and we’ll get back to the core of being ourselves, if we learn to listen the right way to the cues and do something useful with what we hear i.e. practice. That’s what I teach and coach people on. When that transformation happens, our inner beauty shines through (people want to be with us) and we can listen, be with people and support them and what they’re up to with love. Who wouldn’t want that?

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