Speaking/Workshop Topics

A list of talks and workshops offered by the Relationship Circle:

Relationship as Transformational Vehicle
Being Related – Taking it to the Next Level
Fighting for the Gold – Getting the Best out of your Disagreements
Riding the Storm Together – Relationships and Emotions
Shared Goals
Love Over the Long Haul
The Marriage Commitment
The Well-Being and Relationship Connection
Handling Life-Altering Events
Healing From the Past
Love Plus
Letting Go of the Grip – Jealousy and Control in Relationships
Relationships and Money
True Partnership
Self-Love and Relationship
Getting to Know You
Addictions and Relationship
Inner Peace – What Meditation Can Bring to Relationships
100%/100% the Golden Ratio of Responsibility
Forgiveness in Relationship
Sex and the Body
Relationship in the Workplace – Relating to Others for the Sake of Success
Your Relationships and Your Family
Family – Parental and Sibling Relationships
Childhood Issues and Your Current Relationship – Breaking the Patterns
The Sinking Ship – Owning that your Relationship is Failing
Knowing Better – Being Right in Relationships and the Cost
Changing Seas – Successfully Navigating Economic Uncertainty Within your Relationship
The Power of Agreements in Relationships
Relationship For – Creating your Relationships from your Purpose
We’re Different – Creating Something New from our Differences
Integrity in Relationship – Being Our Word
It’s His Fault – Understanding Men in Relationships (for men and women)
No More Excuses – Giving (and getting) Our Best In Relationships
From “Same Old Story” to “Party Down!” – Revitalizing Relationships
Ending Destructive Patterns In Relationship
Finding The One – Your Personal Journey to the Union you Truly Want

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