Relationship Circle Testimonials

Awakening! The relationship circle exceeded my expectations! I learned so many things in just one circle meeting. The things that stood out in my mind are that I learned how to actively speak from my heart even when I am being challenged and it would be easy to go into my head. I also learned how to listen in a way that I have never done before. As I listened, I learned how to not make instinctual judgments, but instead think about how the experience I heard is reflected in my own life. It gave me such a deep sense of empathy. I am really reevaluating how I form judgments. Lastly, I left the evening with so much gratitude. I was so grateful for what I learned, for the people that were present at the meeting and for my life in general. It felt so wonderful to be in a space of gratitude, which I realize I can choose to do more often than I currently do.

Gregg is a great facilitator and helped the group move into self reflection without being intrusive. Everyone’s willingness to share and participate really made the learning that took place extraordinary.
— Malaika

“Finding the REAL in Relationship”
In these days of relationships being built on a steady diet of messages with 140 characters or less, one might yearn for a chance to have a full-on, face to face discussion with others about what we see in our relationships and where we find ourselves in them. The Relationship Circle provides a safe, non-judgmental, loving and open forum to share with others who are in various states of relationship — single, dating, married, divorced, or dealing with a relationship in the workplace or other type of organization. The leader of the Circle, Gregg DeMammos, himself an accomplished relationship and emotional intelligence coach, facilitates the discussions allowing different voices to be heard and keeping the pace and flow of the discussion on track. He also uses his coaching techniques to generate authentic exploration of topics the members of the Circle bring to the table. Since the attendees of the a circle vary from session to session, there is a diverse field of discussion centered around relationship. By the end of a session, members often thank one another for opening their hearts and having an respectful and honest dialogue, which is held in confidence.

The biggest value I have received from attending the Circle over several months is the fresh perspective on my marriage and coming to understand how I have been relating, or not, to my husband throughout our marriage. Learning to truly be in relationship with someone takes work and the willingness to unlearn habits of relating to others that have been engrained in us since childhood. I am surprised at the depth of introspection and transformation I have achieved by working with Gregg on a weekly basis and reflecting on what occurred for me and others during the Circle and as part of my daily life. I am learning how to be a woman who relates to herself and her husband more deeply, more honestly and more selflessly. And with more intention to be open to how my husband and others, such as my coworkers, are in relationship with me.

I recommend both the Relationship Circle and Gregg’s masterful coaching work to anyone who seeks a transformation in the way they are relating with and being related to by others. Those who are willing to let themselves go beyond 140 characters and technological ways of making friends and seeking the companionship of others. There is “real” to be found and created in relationship and I’m accepting of it in all its authenticity.

People of the world, relate!
— Alyssa

I am someone who highly values substantive dialogue and conversation where you can truly connect with other people and learn new things of significance. I got that times 10 in this meetup. Every circle is an opportunity for special growth and connection, particularly to strengthen our relationship muscles. We were there for each-other in the deepest possible way, and that is what life is all about.

Relationships aren’t just about meeting new people and having fun, relationships are really about creating relationships, and that I am happy to say is what you get out of this group. There are unique and engaging qualities to the circle that you just have to be there to experience. I highly recommend others come and check it out.
– Jonathan

I was feeling very hopeless about my relationships with my family, friends and coworkers. After Circle #10, I am reinvigorated and reinvested in hope. It is very helpful to me as inspiration as well as the opportunity to share and socialize with other people in a relaxed setting.
— Christian

The leader bought together a group of complete strangers to discuss relationships through meetup. It was a great meeting. It was so interesting hearing everyone’s story. Interestingly enough our waiter talked about his love problems and he coached him. Also, I liked the way he bought people out of themselves and his authenticity which bought up everyone elses authenticity.
– Dale

It was a great conversation and a relaxed meeting over dinner. Everyone contributed and the environment was non-judgmental. The people were great and I look forward to getting to know everyone better. Gregg does a great job of keeping the conversation moving and really making you think. Insightful and always a great group of caring, thougtful individuals.
— Heather

This was an EXCELLENT discussion/relational session! Gregg is a very capable host/counselorand the participants were honest, supportive and real! The session as a whole was VERY informative AND educational! I really liked it and will go again! excellent as usual. . .I keep learning more about myself in the relationship aspect, in a nurturing environment of people you don’t know that well but care anyway! Wow! I think this is an informational and educational real live session that you can actually get instant results from! Group discussion session partnered with a little counseling built in! Great!
— Ron

Great environment for people of different ages and circumstances to share their needs, desires, and challenges. Great mix between providing support and pushing people to face challenges they are facing. Will be going again! Great experience. Challenging and rewarding.
— Matt

Good to get an external perspective from thoughtful, compassionate people. Thank you, Gregg for creating a safe space to explore our thoughts, feelings, and reactions that create the patterns of people’s lives. It really is appreciated!! Gregg helps to foster a safe space, I appreciate the compassion that he strives to bring to the group.
— Denise

I left the Relationship Circle last night with new insight that has already become invaluable to understanding myself and myself in relationships. Thank you so much to everyone who listened, spoke, and supported!
– Agnes

Very nice group of people, who are all very willing to open up as well as listen. You can definitely sense that Gregg is there because he cares about people. I’m a part of a bunch of meetup groups but haven’t gone to a single meetup until this one. I’m happy I made this my first.
— Pete

Gregg is a very good leader! And all participants are good listeners and they have helpful comments.
— Sonia

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