The Agreement

The Agreement is the 21st Century version of vows, marriage and otherwise. These are vows that come from deep honesty and trust, with a commitment to a more powerful future together.

When we create a relationship, most of the friction, disagreements, issues and problems are caused by our reluctance to share who we really are, where we’re really at and then our partners are expecting us to be different than we are. The lack of agreement that stems from this creates incredible waste of time, energy, emotion, even a waste of our dreams.

The Agreement is a day-long adventure in truth telling, dealing with each other as we truly are and ultimately we come back together and create plans for growth, success and achievement where the parties become true partners. The end product is a new set of vows, a document of understanding where we truly feel heard and understood for who we are and able to create a vision for ourselves as individuals and as partners.

The Agreement is just as much at home in a business environment as it is between the newly engaged or those who have been married for years. It’s a fantastic investment for a team, for a mentor-protege relationship and it makes a wonderful wedding present. Contact me at for scheduling and rates.

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