The Letterman Freak Show


Wow, this montage in the last episode was good.

Final Show Montage

I didn’t watch much of the CBS show, because there were fewer freaks. I watched Late Night for Kaufman, Pekar, Theodore, Glover and especially Melman. When I met Larry “Bud” Melman I was more excited than when I met Bono. Their presence amidst the canned and buttoned down TV world blew my mind.

The montage taught me that Dave loved the freaks, too and maybe he saw himself as one, but needed to be “somebody”, like most of us do.

I’m definitely a freak and am growing to love that word, that idea of not being buttoned down and needing to be what I think people are looking for. Maybe we’re all freaks when we let our guards down. That’s comforting to me.


Are You Really Welcome Here?

armsfoldedREALLY wanting someone to understand something, especially when you think it’s for their own benefit, has nothing to do with them getting it. In the end, how much you want them to get it is what may impact them the most and usually puts our (work, family, friend, romantic) partners in defense, reaction and protection.

The willingness of your conversation partner is the most valuable currency there is in relating to each other. Cultivate it wisely and know when it hasn’t been offered to you.

Sometimes there is no in door. Knowing how to love and take care of ourselves when the door we want to be open is closed can be the most valuable currency for our own well-being and finally takes the pressure off the other person to take care of you by letting you in.