About Gregg DeMammos

I’m a dad, a husband and a coach that specializes in helping clients create the best relationships of their lives. Our relationships are the place for us to grow as people, to learn and to choose from our purpose.  Business or personal, when our relationships are sourced by who we really are, they are the wind in our sails.  I’m committed to making this the case in as many lives as possible. I work with singles and couples, leaders, executives and the passionate upstart.

The Relationship Circle is based on the idea that we can all learn from each other in this area of our lives.  The more we talk about it with an open mind, a trusted reflection of ourselves offered by others and an ability to practice something new, the closer we get to truth and success.  Our relationships are where our quirks, strategies and tactics play out.  When we take a close look at how we handle ourselves, from a position of responsibility, then powerful personal growth and transformation is available, with all the fruits that can come with it – increased happiness, improved health, reaching our career and personal goals, creating families and organizations that work and a life of learning.

If you’re interested in personal coaching, couples coaching or coaching for teams, feel free to contact me at gregg@demammos.com to get the ball rolling.  I love to support people reaching goals, personal or professional, guiding them through personal transformation and of course creating dynamite relationships.

2 thoughts on “About Gregg DeMammos

  1. Gregorio says:

    Gregg, I’m at a point in my life where I need to draw things together to set a definite direction for myself. I’d like to see if coaching is a possible solution for me. The thing that concerns me the most is the cost since I’d like to get involved with coaching for the long term.

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