What Is The Relationship Circle?

The Relationship Circle is a group exploration. We come together in an open forum led by a relationship coach. Regardless of where we are, what experience we have, what questions we have, the conversation touches everyone in the room due to careful facilitation and our desire for each other to succeed. We explore our patterns in relationship, where we stop and what possibility is out there in raising our game, in becoming one with our commitments in relationship.

Regardless of whether you’re in sales and want to discover the secret to becoming more related to clients and new prospects or if you’ve been married for twenty years and know more is available in your relationship, your conversation matters and will benefit the entire group. We all have the same issues in relationship: intimacy, fear, rejection, communication, a ceiling on possibility, past hurts and more. We can all help each other grow, because I’ve found that everyone wants each other’s relationships to work and we usually can see the issues better in others than we can in our own life.

In The Relationship Circle, bonds are created, a stand is born for each other’s personal development, there’s great acceptance for each other while we challenge each other to consider new possibilities and take on growth.

The Relationship Circle usually centers around a specific relationship topic and it works in any environment, from work colleagues, to private friends and family circles, to complete strangers. It works equally well over the phone as it does in person. The goal is to have the people inside the circle stretch themselves, become more related to each other and to commit to new actions outside their comfort zone, that move forward their goals in life and relationship.

If you know a population that would benefit from The Relationship Circle, please feel free to contact me at gregg@demammos.com

To join the Relationship Circle Meetup page for DC/MD/VA: click here

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