Coaching with Gregg

Today I was asked “what can I expect from working with you?” by someone I love.

Of course, since I love him, I wanted to answer that question from my heart and commitment. After writing it, I wanted to share that answer with you. Maybe you were wondering, too.

You can expect me to ask you what you want to accomplish and then have me stand for it to come into existence.

You can expect me to inquire about what’s in the way.

You can expect me to ask questions that help illuminate patterns that get in the way of possibility.

You can expect accountability.

You can expect love and acceptance.

You can expect to be asked to go outside your comfort zone.

You can expect a stand for your greatness and for the possibility of all your relationships.

You can expect to become more of who you intrinsically know yourself to be beyond your reactions, fears and concerns.

If that sounds like something you want, get in touch for a sample session, take a test drive. If that sounds like something that someone you know could use, forward this message to them and ask them if they want to get in touch or come to The Relationship Circle. I work with people all around the world, via phone and Skype.

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