Knowing Where You Stop

This piece for was written by my friend and colleague, Mark Hunter.  Mark is the guy that takes up every challenge to go beyond his limits and wants others to reap the rewards he has in his life from doing the same.  I’ve learned a lot from Mark and wouldn’t be where I am today without him.

Knowing Where You Stop

Great Relationships = Great Life!

Have you ever noticed that when life isn’t as great as you’d like it to be, that there’s always a relationship that’s not working? It could be your marriage, your boss, your client, your children, your relationship with people whose opinions differ from yours or your potential market.

What we normally do is wallow or want to quit or settle.  We start to relate to the situation as immovable and back off into familiar ways of being and start the blame game, either blaming them or blaming ourselves for our situation.  We have made ourselves small in these relationships and this is what winds up running our lives and businesses.

The Relationship Circle is here to help people have this all go differently.  It’s here to challenge our conceptions, to simply not believe the truths we have set up in our lives that always seem to lead us to losing.  The Relationship Circle is here to empower you in your relationships like never before with information, tools, distinctions and most importantly PRACTICE to help you get out of the patterns that are keeping you from the great life that you deserve.

Through making a commitment to ending the patterns that hold me back in life and being coached to help me see them in the first place, I’ve overcome the wounds of childhood, of rejection, of thinking I’m not worthy and so many other things that kept me stuck, unwilling to be successful.  I’m in a wonderful marriage and relationship of eighteen years and love being the father of two beautiful boys and having fulfilling personal and professional relationships that help me succeed and create happiness in my life.  I have a career that I love, work for myself and am in the best shape of my life.  It took work to get here, to put myself on a path of self-improvement and healing where I began to feel strong enough to be the agent of my relationships.  I went from being afraid to speak my mind and letting people know who I really am to becoming an inspiration with my words and my life and so excited about bringing that to others.

Once you start becoming more powerful, more authentic, more real in your relationships, you’ll start to see your life changing, you’ll see your own resiliency and that your worries are not as big as you are making them.  You’ll feel the strength inside of you that tells you that you are capable of changing absolutely everything in your life you want to change.

I understand that things could be better.  Step one is trusting that you absolutely can live a great life by mastering your relationships.  Step two is getting yourself out of the communities and relationships that are holding you back long enough to learn new things, to bring new approaches to your life and learning over time to become more powerful in how you utilize them.  You absolutely can do this and The Relationship Circle is grateful for you choosing us as part of your path to get there.


– Gregg DeMammos