Become Authentic in your Relationships

If you want to shift your relationships, decide right now that they have no disempowering past that gets carried into the present. Do not fall for the trap of your habitual reactions and compromises that put you in places you never wanted to be. Leave the old patterns in the past and create the relationships from your vision, then act from it consistently. More often than not, it refreshes others and frees them, too.

People also may not go along initially and it may rub them the wrong way, but for how much longer are you going to be inauthentic, asking people to get along with a version of you that ISN’T EVEN YOU? It’s ok for people to be upset that you no longer act in ways that don’t serve you, if, from love and truth, you just want something else, if you’re finally being you.

It’s their right not to come with you.