Coaching Testimonials

As a strategic planner for one of the world’s largest organizations, and someone who myself is a student of and an instructor in various courses in the growth of human potential, I have a high bar for someone to work with. From my first conversation with Gregg I was impressed by his insightfulness, and his ability to tailor his insightfulness to my specific challenges and opportunities. A session with Gregg is always a revelation about one’s self, getting to places of insight and clarity I simply would not have gotten on my own through reflection or group activity. Gregg is extremely respectful but within the context of an agreement provides incisive feedback that helped me look at exactly what I said I intended to do, what might be holding me back, and what sort of incentive structure to put in place. Gregg understands how to create an atmosphere of trust that allows a person to safely examine areas that are raw and undeveloped.

Very much like a personal coach at a gym, Gregg constantly evaluates the goal of the individual client, suggests a routine they must put in place, and provides the necessary encouragement and acknowledgement, anchoring us to our stated goal just by noticing. Few people in anyone’s life are likely to be as consistently positive and affirming. Gregg’s sessions have always been empowering. I’ve always been directed, but Gregg definitely provides greater focus, greater clarity and specificity on what I need to do now, and completely new ways of looking at the same old persistent problems until they just become old problems. I’m certain that I have accomplished more of my professional goals, more constructively dealt with personal challenges, and am in better mental and physical health than I would have been left to my own devices. Gregg is very focused on creating value and creating together, and I’ve felt the space available to tackle difficult challenges understand the range of choices and opportunities expand since we began.

Another consideration that likely is of concern in introducing someone into your life is integrity. My experience has been all positive. Gregg was up front with his terms, concerns and negotiated and kept a win-win contract. When he said he would be there, he was..
– Peter, 2012

I never really had the ‘coach’ thing in mind as something I’d ever go for. I always looked at this option as an unnecessary luxury. And then I met Gregg, whom I still can’t refer as my ‘coach’ because the relationship with him and the whole communication is way too personal to label in any way.

Through our ‘work’ together I’m being reminded, again and again, how necessary it is for me to have Gregg around, his uncompromising precision on our meetings always reveals how important it is for me, or anyone, to be aligned with what I’m doing, to see the processes that actually take place with my actions or lack of actions, and to act from a place that actually means something and serves this planet, and myself.

My meeting with Gregg is like the weekly system cleaning, and the ‘no bullshit’ vibe that Gregg brings never let me get away with a partial job done. When we first started it didn’t take too long for me to be clear enough about what I’m set out to do, whatever ‘felt right’ has suddenly become unavoidable and exciting, soon enough I was playing a different game, or at least was totally aware of the game that I am playing.

The clarity we gained on our meetings soon penetrated to more areas of my life and continued to resonate daily. The most inspired and fearless concepts started to surface and the motivation to execute the most ambitious moves was suddenly at hand.  I’m sure that out of this special connection I got the idea for the latest J.Viewz project “Work In Progress” – which is a new way for me to sell and produce music, I simply build an album by releasing one song per month, this process took away the ‘hibernation” concept of making an ‘album’ as usually I would close myself in the studio for almost a year and then come out with finished thing. Here it feels like the connection with my listeners has shifted, as I’m releasing a fresh creation as soon as it’s ready at the studio. I’m documenting whatever is really going on, musically. and now looks like this is the only way I ever want to release music and communicate with people who are touched by what I do. a huge gift!

thank you 😉
Jonathan Dagan – J.Viewz (Grammy-nominated recording artist)

“Gregg was my first coach, and I am so grateful for that because I got to experience coaching at its finest. Gregg has the ability to be firm and kind in the same breath. Gregg possess a deep compassion for humanity. As a direct result I began to have more compassion for myself which was the beginning of a HUGE breakthrough for me. I felt that he “got” me and I would recommend him to anyone looking to transform their relationship with themselves and loved ones.” February 7, 2012
Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Good Value
Vasavi Kumar

“I had the great fortune of working with Gregg in an informal series of conversations about aspirations, obstacles and organization. Gregg is kind while rejecting excuses, focussed and thoughtful. He even allowed me to attend a meeting at his coaching school where my skepticism was met with generosity. How can I call him a ray of sunshine without sounding foolish? Gregg is a happy person and makes other people take action to feel the same way.” June 28, 2010
Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity
Paul Barman

“As Gregg as my coach, I created a new career, deepened my relationships and increased my overall experience of joy. Because of his unwavering stand for me to have it all, I stretched myself and have created a life I had previously only dreamt about. I would not be where I am today without his love, support and coaching. He is truly a powerful coach and leader and I would highly recommend him.” February 6, 2012
Top qualities: Great Results, Good Value, Creative
Linda Heeler

“I worked with Gregg for over a year and he is a wonderful coach. I got so much value from our sessions together. He helped me be accountable for my actions, produce the results I was looking for, and see the possibility in my life. Throughout our time working together, I met the most wonderful man and continue to be in a relationship with him, started a business, and lost the weight I was looking to lose.” February 5, 2012
Top qualities: Personable, On Time, High Integrity
Jenna Gambino

“Some people take forever or even a whole book to get their point across. Others may be able to just say it but not in a way that it has any impact or is a catalyst for change. Gregg can land things so that they have impact. Not just a light bulb moment but a shift in mindset and attitude from which the next step is meaningful action and from there tangible results. Needless to say, working with Gregg on career or any coaching is very effective and definitely produces results.” January 31, 2012
Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity
Doron Avizov
hired Gregg as a Career Coach in 2009, and hired Gregg more than once

“Gregg is professional, extremely knowledgeable, and dedicated to his client’s success in every aspect of their life — personal and professional. I highly recommend Gregg to anyone looking to achieve high-level results in ANY and ALL parts of their life!” January 30, 2012
Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity
Michael Veltri
hired Gregg as a Life Coach in 2009

“Gregg is committed to supporting people in what they want to create for themselves. With a zeal for discovery, Gregg takes his coaching seriously and with a light heart, and that’s a WOW-combination for anyone to experience.” August 12, 2009
Tina Mertel, MA, ACC, ICF Certified Life Coach, Accomplishment Coaching
worked directly with Gregg at Accomplishment Coaching

“Gregg is a true gift to the coaching profession. Insightful, loving, direct and powerful, Gregg stands for his clients unwaveringly in creating results and lasting change. Gregg has an expert ability to hone in on relationship issues while creating insights with his clients that have them move beyond what they currently hold true. Gregg is an expert facilitator; engaging, maneuvering and leading people to outcomes that serve the group or team he is working with. I highly recommend Gregg to anyone person, couple or group who wants to make lasting positive change.” February 2, 2012
Anne Fitzgerald, PCC, Coaching, Accomplishment Coaching
worked directly with Gregg at Accomplishment Coaching

“Gregg is a direct, open, powerful, insightful leader and coach. He alawys provides direction, feedback and support in a positive manner, and is completely open to feedback and reflection about his leadership. Gregg pushes to create space for his colleagues to grow into, always from a place of creating win-win outcomes. I respect Gregg immensely, and have benefited enormously from working with him. On top of that, he was a wondeful sense of humor and heartfelt humanity that makes you feel privileged to be in his presence.” January 30, 2012
Nick Lapham, Executive Coach, Accomplishment Coaching
worked indirectly for Gregg at Accomplishment Coaching

“Gregg has always had this ability to push me in a constructive and beneficial way. He is not only a great teacher but leader with clear goals. From music industry advice to career decisions, Gregg is more than a coach.” February 20, 2012
reported to Gregg at MCT Management

You’re my weekly dose of sunshine, on a scheduled basis. – R.M.

Gregg has had an invaluable impact to both my personal and professional life.  Since working with him, I’ve experienced an increased level of happiness and satisfaction with all areas of personal and professional relationships.  I would wholeheartedly recommend Gregg to anyone who is looking for coaching. – chief Technology Officer of internet company

I have known and worked with Gregg (yes it does have two Gs!) for just under a year now. I can say with confidence that my relationship with him has completely changed my life. I am more confident, happy and fulfilled than I have ever been before and it is entirely thanks to him. He has a great enthusiasm for his work and consequently for your development, this coupled with bounteous wisdom and sensitivity are just the ingredients you need for success. I would without hesitation recommend him to anyone looking to tackle hard tasks, move into more powerful relationships with your friends, family and coworkers or simply live a more full and satisfying life. – Paul Sednaoui

I am writing to let you know that there is a life coach available to suit your needs. If you are seriously looking for a sincere, well-rounded, spiritual, and inspirational guide, please look no further than this letter.

Gregg DeMammos is the most genuine coach out there and he has been my coach, friend, and close confidante. When Gregg asked me to write a letter on his behalf, it was with great pride that I answered his call. For without him, I would still be arguing with my family and other loved ones. After just a few coaching sessions, I am now able to have more joy in my relationships and success at work. Gregg taught me how to reach a delicate balance in getting what I want out of life, and at the same time fulfilling other individual’s wants and needs. Gregg is a husband, parent, businessman, and leader. No matter what your goals are, he is the one to lead you on the path to peace and happiness. He has great experience in enhancing both personal and business relationships for his clients. He is an expert in helping people achieve the essence of who they are as their best self and removing the obstacles that unfortunately get people stuck. He gave me the necessary tools to conquer the situations where I was getting trapped, and can do the same for you. It doesn’t even matter where you live, because Gregg will pour his heart and soul into coaching you at your speed, on the phone. He will also follow up with you via email on areas where you might need practice reaching true happiness.

“I love you,” are words often said between people that are not always sincerely meant. Those three significant words were repeated to me several times from Gregg during our coaching sessions. It isn’t something he say’s to curry favor or manipulate his clients. Gregg is too genuine for such nonsense. Many coaches have trouble uttering such sentiments to others as well. However, for Gregg such expressions of his feelings come easy to him. He genuinely loves people and cares about their happiness in a way that is touching, unique, and extraordinary. Such people are hard to find in any profession. – Evan Wechman

When I decided to hire a life coach, I interviewed several before Gregg was recommended to me by a friend.  I found an immediate connection with Gregg and a bond that strengthened throughout the months of our coaching.  Gregg was a powerful force in helping me to stay focused on my goals and dreams.  His coaching helped to bring out my own insight and understanding of the obstacles and fears that were in the way of reaching those dreams.  Because of our work together, I have now created the career that I once only dreamed of and have deeper more meaningful relationships with my husband, children, family and friends.  I no longer live in my fear and doubt because Gregg took a stand for my greatness.

I would highly recommend hiring Gregg DeMammos only if you are committed to receiving extraordinary coaching, love, support and the life you’ve always dreamed of.  – Linda Heeler

Gregg, what you do is inspiring and beautiful! I know that your guidance and loving coaching turned my life around. – Luz Flores

The very fact that you are my coach, alone, is a testament to how well you do your job. I can’t imagine a more unlikely relationship than the one we have, and had anyone suggested years ago that two punk kids who could barely stand the sight of each other in high school would end up together on a path of transformation I’d have been ROFLMAO. And I suppose that’s the very thing that you, more than anyone i’ve ever worked with (and you know I’ve worked with them all from shrink to shaman) bring forth no matter what the circumstances: Possibility. Preposterous Possibilities, suddenly possible.

I have never known anyone to be so committed to YES. Try as i might to outwit you, you hold every promise, dream, desire, even the ones I refuse admit to myself, as a Yes, and because of that I am more certain than ever that literally ANYTHING is possible.

I remember something that a friend of mine used to say that I used to think was dumb: “Anytime that someone makes something LOOK easy, you can be sure it’s not.” I get it now…you do make it look easy. It’s like picking up the phone to talk to your best friend, who you know is going to support and hear you no matter what ridiculous state you’re stuck in. It’s not, though…because I know I make it hard. I can’t say it’s easy to uncover every negative belief, blocked emotion, and bullshit false premise I’ve been clinging to even after nearly two decades of consistent hatching away…it is fiercely uncomfortable to have everything that’s kept you safe (and thereby stuck) turned on its  head…but damn, it’s fun. Thank you for making it fun.

Most importantly, there’s no doubt in my mind or body that you are sincerely, as committed to what I want or more…you have been present and available to me each and every time i’ve needed you, and there is truly not another person, paid or personal, that i can say the same about.  I am so grateful to you and look forward to creating so many more possibilities with you, the more preposterous the better. – Fab Bliss

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